Third Scan

This morning was quite a rush! We were told by Yaryna that we would be coming back to the clinic today for our third scan, but we didn’t know which time, and figured that someone would get us when the time came. Unfortunately, this particular morning, we had gotten up a bit late, so much so that Kyle went to grab some breakfast and bring some back to the room for me, as I could not get up for the life of me. As I was munching on the scrambled eggs and veggies, we got a knock on our door, and the receptionist said our driver had been waiting 10 minutes, eeek! I scrambled to put on some clothes and off we went. We basically decided that pretty much anytime we are going back to the clinic, we should be ready to go at 945 – 1015, so we won’t have anymore surprises!

So we went again to meet our doctor, and I got back onto the crazy ultrasound machine that kind of looks like a torture device, which you can see below. It is not like any other ultrasound machines I’ve ever been on – the seat is super high, and what can be uncomfortable is that when you put your feet in the stirrups, you’re basically just sitting there wide open to the world, and they don’t give you a courtesy sheet or anything, which can be awkward! By now, I am used to it, but I remember the first time, I felt really strange. What makes it more uncomfortable is that there is a desk with a computer for one of the nurses right in viewsight, so I thought to myself, please don’t look up! Hahaha I was told that in Europe, a lot of the clinics are not like the ones in the US, where they give you a ton more privacy, so not to be too shocked with being exposed more than usual.

The picture above illustrates what type of image the doctor is looking at – basically each round circle is a follicle, and they measure how big they are. Note that this is not my actual ultrasound picture – they do not distribute them. Usually, they like to see each follicle grow to around 16 – 18mm before they give you an HCG trigger, shot, which ripens the eggs for release. Again, K stood in the background while the doctor was taking a look – and she murmured with approval, and even pointed out to K that the follicles were growing well. She measured some of the larger ones, and it looked like they were at 12mm, which she was satisfied with. The doctor told us that we are going to keep the same protocol, and that we should return on Thursday for our final scan. I am to fast that morning as well, so they can run some blood tests for the anesthesiologist to view for our possible egg retrieval date for next Tuesday.

This is all very exciting, because stim cycles in the past have been soooo long! But the doctor did listen to my request to start with high medications, and I think this why our progress has been pretty good so far. Our next update will be when we go for final scan this Thursday, so stay tuned!

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  • amaluis

    I totally agree with you as for the way of being a bit ”more exposed” at the clinic during the procedures..This was never too uncomfortable, just the thing I didn’t get used to at home clinics..Still I don’t care how it all looks. The only thing which really matters is the result of each scan. And waiting for the dr to say ”everything’s going well” you can sigh with relief..The follies in the pic look beautiful to my eye. Let’s see how many eggs you’ve got after retrieval..Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

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