The Call

Everyone has been asking us how our two week wait has gone this time, and I have to be honest, it has been the best two week wait ever! The reasons for this are:

  1. I’m not stressed out about being careful about everything I eat or do
  2. No pressure on my body to do this “right”
  3. No feverish early testing with the typical ups and downs
  4. No stressing about beta levels not doubling
  5. Distracted because we are moving to Indiana at the end of August
  6. Distracted because I am interviewing for jobs in Indiana, which require a presentation
  7. Distracted due to sorting through our mess, packing boxes, and having people constantly over to see our apartment

As you might imagine, with all of this going on, it’s been easy to be distracted and stressed about other things, and so the time flew by. Because we did our transfer on July 22nd, we also thought that our surrogate would do her pregnancy on August 5th, so we were expecting something by Saturday night or Monday morning at the latest. But to our surprise, Yaryna called us early morning Friday to share that:


So, the thoughts that are running through my head:

  1. Ohmygod, did this really work?!?! This is totally surreal and UNBELIEVABLE
  2. Okay now, don’t get too excited, because we’ve miscarried in weeks 6 – 9, and it’s only week 4…
  3. But then again, the embryos are in a 20 year-old uterus, compared to my ancient 37 year-old hostile womb environment
  4. Wow, the beta for 13dp5dt is right on the mark for twins, according to! Could it be that our dreams are coming true?! INSANE
  5. Okay now, don’t get too excited, because we’ve miscarried in weeks 6 – 9, and it’s only week 4…

So that’s been pretty much on an endless repeat in my head when I think about it surrogacy, while K, the realist between us, is probably patiently only focused on #2. Obviously, that is the best way to go, to be hesitant to get too happy, because we’ve been there 3 times before, and were absolutely crushed when we lost them. Plus, I’m still pretty stressed about interviewing and moving, so it has been easy to put things on the back burner. The next time we’ll hear from Biotex is on August 29th, because they are closed from the 14th – the 27th. Because of the break, I’m expecting them to have a huge number of people back to do ultrasounds and check-ups and such, so giving them until late Tuesday or early Wednesday to get back to us. Although they usually do the first ultrasound on week 6, because of the break, I’m estimating that our surro will be 7w+4d, which isn’t a bad thing in my mind. The later, the more certain we can feel! Incidentally, August 29th is also the day we are moving and leaving Boston, so things will be a bit crazy! But definitely will keep everyone posted on how things go.

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  • amaluis

    Wow, what high numbers you had! That’s awesome!
    As for the 2ww described..Surrogacy makes the perfect change in the waiting flow. You have someone else to get through. Someone perfectly scanned for and more likely to succeed..and you breathe with relief for the first time ever since you’ve started this journey..

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