Surprise, surprise!

We cannot believe it ourselves, but we are parents!!!!! Our boys decided they couldn’t wait to see the world, so they were born yesterday morning! Here are the pictures of our sons (eeeeek, can’t believe we can say that now!)

Baby M 18.5 in, 4lbs 5oz

Baby L 18.5 in. 4lbs 14oz

Our new sons!


  • Anne-Louise

    Congratulations I have tears running down my chins. How early did the boys come and how are they?
    Hugs from Denmark.

    • asius

      They came early at 33 weeks – and they’re tiny but perfectly healthy, we’ve just been focused on getting them fattened up! Much love to you from our fam :)!

  • amaluis

    How lovely your little ones are!! Congratulations! So cute and sweet and tiny! OMG, love your pics!! May you precious ones grow strong and healthy and happy in your BIG family!! Thanks you’re sharing this joy with us. All the best!

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