Second Scan

Today we came in for our second scan at the clinic, and I was a bit nervous to see whether my follicles were developing. I have already been feeling the heaviness that comes with the stimulation, but since it had only been 4 days of stimming, it wasn’t too bad. We met with our doctor, and she took a look and told me that she could see a ton of little follicles, but since we’re so early in our cycle, that she wanted to see me again the following Tuesday. Before she took a look, I made sure to have K stand next to the ultrasound machine and look at the screen, because the more information, the better! He said he could see a bunch of them, but they were still tiny. I’m guessing in American standards, they were all less than 10mm.

The doctor decided to up my stims so that I’m now taking 200 Gonal-F and 150 Merional, and since I had already had my shots that day, had me go downstairs in the clinic to get the additional 75 Merional from the nurse. In general, our trip was really quick, although the clinic was very busy, and full of surrogates and clients waiting for appointments. I’m realizing more and more that the long wait in the clinic that I’ve read about from other reviews are solely dependent on which package you choose.

After meeting some other nice folks in our hotel, I’ve also come to realize that there is some confusion about the room size at the Venice hotel. Apparently, on the website, the pictures that they have are of bigger rooms, which is not like the rooms that most of us stay in at the hotel. Also, all the rooms are a little bit different in the fact that the bathroom might have a completely different decorating scheme.

One of my personal goals while being here is to lose the weight that I gained while doing fertility treatments in the past 5 years. I would say that I’ve gained about 40 pounds from start to finish, so I have been focusing on eating low carb and doing some sort of exercise everyday. Ever since the pool opened up, I told myself that I would do 10 laps every day, but on some days, it has been too cold to go in the water, so I try to walk instead. Also, since we’re on the 4th floor and the elevator is currently not working, we get some built-in cardio every time we leave our room to go anywhere :)!


  • lindcey hawks

    Whilst ivf#2 I remember I was back from my scan. They saw still only 3 decent follicles. Sth like 16mm, 18mm and 20mm but I may be mistaken now. The rest were all under 8mm and were not going to be collected. Our consultant said that since I was a high dose he would expect a better outcome in another cycle with the highest. I decided I wanted to go ahead. But I was waiting to speak to dh who was out of country. We really didn’t have much time to make that decision. Whilst ivf#3 I was worried that none of the follicles will have eggs in them. Don’t know why. I was so sick and tired of all those stims. I knew I just had to wait and see. I thought if I didn’t go ahead I would spend the rest of my ‘fertile’ years trying to get pregnant again. At least that way I’d given it all I could. I understood also I might not react any better on more drugs. But truly thought that each month is different. So another time trying, might lead to 6 good sized follies – you can’t rule this out! I wish docs wouldn’t ‘generalise’ all the time. Anyway – another thing they don’t endorse is ‘quality over quantity’! Unfortunately our shot#3 failed as the previous ones..Dr told us not ’cause of embies’ quality, but for my inability to keep beans for longer than 9 wks..

  • amaluis

    Fighting some extra lbs has always been one of priorities for me. As we all know how important it is to be in the right BMI before infertility treatments. And unfortunately we always gain them whilst taking meds. According to the extremely accurate BMI chart, I was morbidly obese. And had been my whole life. I’ve tried for years to lose weight, been given prescriptions, seen nutritionists, yadda …nothing has worked much. So this is my body. My RE also said that when it comes to the effect of weight on fertility it really is a toss up. She said it varies greatly from person to person. She’s seen 300 lb women keep having kids no problem. While she’s also seen women 10 lbs over-weight have issues! On the whole, that is ridiculous that clinics have weight requirements for who can try ivf. ‘Cause it’s not about weight it is about how healthy you are! Anyway, having that sort of cardio won’t make things worse. We all are different, our bodies play tricks on us quite often. Trying to keep thing under control..

  • Alexia

    Good timing is an IVF requirement. The egg retrieval stage of IVF occurs after ovarian stimulation, but before ovulation. so the window is small. About 36 hours after the hCG shot is administered, the egg retrieval process will begin. This is an out-patient procedure. It is performed under a light anesthesia. Using an ultrasound-guided needle, the doctor withdraws the fluid from each follicle. There is one egg, in each follicle. Once the fluid is removed from the follicle, it’s passed along to an embryologist, who will examine the fluid to determine if an egg is present. The doctors will be able to tell the patient the exact number of eggs that were retrieved during the process. The optimal number of retrieved oocytes is between 10-15. It’s important to note that not every follicle has an egg. And not every egg is mature enough. Beyond that, not every mature egg will fertilize. And not every fertilized egg will result in a pregnancy. The step’s results are very important.

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