Newborn Photo Session

Yesterday, we went to have our bebes get their photos taken, and man, were we amazed at the skill of our photographer, Irina! Check out her work at, if you’re in the Kiev area, or go to Here is a tiny sneak preview of our little beans!

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  • melanie@7

    This is amazing! Parenthood demands every last bit of yourself. Your babies are a gift from God. To you, your husband, to every single member of your family. At just a couple of weeks old, they contribute in hugely significant ways to the common good of your family, just by their very existence. This surely brings a lot of joy to all of you!

  • amaluis

    They are gorgeous! You both/ biotex/ your surrogate did great job! Such lovely little ones in this world..They’re so beautiful..cannot hold my emotions..It’s so touchy..May all of you be happy ALWAYS!!

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