House Progress Pictures

The weather has really gotten quite cold here in Indiana, and we were both glad because remodeling in the heat is killer! We have been making quite some progress on the house as the floors were done and it’s slowly coming together:

Once the floors were done, we were able to finish some other projects, which we had to hold off on because the sanding would have stuck to the polyurethane on the floors. The stairway was a LONG and ARDUOUS task, but I think you’ll see that the end was worth it – we think so!

The kitchen had to be redone entirely, as you can see that the it was basically big enough for just one person to cook at one time. We took down the wall and exposed this beautiful brick column, and added some white cabinets to brighten up the place. Recessed lighting helped tremendously with this!

The living room wood and trim was a black brown before, and much to many folks’ dismay, I insisted that it be painted white to update the look for a more modern feel. Before, I felt the trim made everything seem a bit dingy and cave-like. I love the way things feel right now, and this ceiling fan is the BEST – you can’t even hear it at all, and it moves air like none other!

The dining area also got the white trim finish, and instead of keeping the large closet? that was there, we put up some drywall and made it into a guest bathroom/laundry room. Before, guests had to go upstairs or into the master bathroom, which isn’t convenient to all parties involved. 

Since I’ve never owned my own house before, it was a whole new world for me to learn about the ins and outs of decorating a home. I learned so much about myself in the process! I realized one big thing that I’m really into is bright lighting, because when the light isn’t too bright, it makes the whole room seem smaller than it is. I was able to source a lot of items overseas, which saved a lot of money, and played around with some of the pieces to create new items, like the spider pendant lights and chandelier/ceiling fan combo that is in our master bedroom and bathroom.

The kitchen has another spider pendant light that was arranged in a different way, and I played around with the idea of getting Edison bulbs in there. I couldn’t decide because the Edison bulbs were pretty pricey (especially when you have to 10 for one lighting fixture!) I also wanted to make sure the bulbs were led, so that the room wouldn’t be too warm from the incandescent lights. So I decided to make rattan ball covers instead to dress them up, and am pretty happy with the way they turned out! I just used one roll of twine and half a bottle of Modpodge glue watered down with a bit of water. Enjoy!


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