Here’s the Big Day!

And today is the big day! As you can tell, I have not been able to sleep a wink, because i’m so excied and nervous. For most folks this is just a standard proecured with little downtime, but because I am a high responder and carry so many eggs, the pain levels can easily go thtough the roof, along with naseau and vomiting, my two favorite things! I hope that all thins will go smoothly, and will definilty be back to document the whole process for those of you who were thinking about something pursuing parenthood the same way. Stay tuned in the meantime 🙂


  • lindcey hawks

    I had 300 menopur and 300 gonal-f all throughout my cycle until I hit day 8-10 (350 menopur) to make the follicles to get much bigger. They pushed it to day 11 before I went in for ER for the small ones to catch up. With 10 eggs retrieved. The biggest follicle measured 27mm and smallest was 18mm. For some reason, she seemed happy that they were at least all around the same size. Growing at the same pace. Versus one dominant follicle growing all by itself.

  • amaluis

    I used Menopur and Gonal-F in my IVF cycle and I did not have any side effects. I only felt poorly as my eggs were growing because it was painful. I did stimulate very fast, only 8 days, and was high risk for hyperstimulation. My abdominal area became quite bloated and very tender, but again this was just the eggs growing. As I neared my egg retrieval I couldn’t even sleep on my side. ‘Cause it pulled on my ovaries too much..I hope the procedure went on smooth for you.

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