Hello Ukraine!

We finally arrived! Our flight over was uneventful except that I couldn’t sleep very well on the plane, so I was majorly jet lagged. Kiev is 7 hours ahead of Boston time, so I basically tried my best to stay awake until 10pm so I could get into a normal sleeping routine.

Some tips about navigating the airport – after we got off the plane, and were led to line up according to your passport. We stood in the “All Passports” line and waited until it was our turn. The unsmiling lady working the booth did not say one word to us as we gave our passports to her to stamp. Good news is that there is no paperwork to fill out for a visa – and apparently, no interview either, as we just got our passports back silently and were motioned to move on. We walked to baggage claim and picked up our bags, and then went to customs. In the customs line, there are two clearly marked paths that are green or red – with green meaning nothing to declare, and red meaning you have nothing to declare. So we went ahead and walked through the green path, and was surprised to find that we had walked straight out to the pickup line! Best customs process ever!

We searched to see if anyone was holding the BioTexCom sign to indicate that they were there to pick us up, but no one was there! We realized then that we had arrived a bit early, so the driver might not be there yet. During that time while waiting, we had to continuously decline offers from aggressive taxi drivers multiple times, so expect to be saying no quite a bit. There is a purple taxi stand at the exit, and it is there where the BioTexCom driver gets the sign to hold up, so stick around that area, and someone will be there soon. Our driver showed up shortly thereafter, holding the sign, so soon we were off to be driven to the Venice Hotel, where we will be staying for the next 5 weeks. The drive to the hotel was about 35 minutes, but it went quickly because we were busy looking at the sights through the drive. Note that we had absolutely no conversation with the driver, probably because he couldn’t speak English. It is important to realize that our American super friendly culture should not be expected in Ukraine, where you regularly say hi to strangers and make small talk. This doesn’t mean that they do not like you, they just don’t know you, but once you approach someone, they will be extremely helpful.

So far, the best way to describe Kiev for me is that is reminds me of Beijing and Mexico City, with its many tall apartment buildings and crazy traffic. You might recognize some brands like Domino’s and KFC, which we plan to try at some point! Since we will be here for 5 weeks, we will be doing quite a bit of exploring on our days off from the clinic, so we look forward to sharing those bits with you.


  • amaluis

    I loved this counrty from the very first sight! I don’t know why, but I always imagined it like one of those post Soviet countries, very unstable..etc. I’ve never expected it to be this peaceful and hospitable..Things coming from TV news aren’t reliable surely.. And we understood it during our first stay there. And actually felt ashamed we thought differently..Our Biotexcom clinic provided the services the best balanced with prices. Moreover, their VIP packages are even cheaper than 1-2 shots if done at clinics home..This blew us away. It was so good we were able to have the coverage of success or refund. I’ve never happened to see this before among other clinics! We were planning to move further with OE. But in case we’d need donor ones – we could have them for no additional fee! That was awesome! And the best decision made ever!

  • Alexia

    Oh, your post is just like the note from my memory..When we first arrived to Kiev, we really didn’t know what was going to happen ahead..We knew the approximate plan to move with our further treatments, but no details actually..Everything still seemed stange and I couldn’t believe I agreed to travel to Ukraine for surrogacy. The first international fertility journey ever!! There were so many options to choose from! So many clinics to use! And what we did? – We chose Ukraine as destination..So why? I guess the main reason was its surrogacy friendly law. We, the IP, are considered to be the legal parents of the baby from the moment of conception. No surrogate’s name is mentioned in the birth certificate. She has no right to keep the baby after delivery. So all this put our mind at ease – we wouldn’t fight for our baby in case the surrogate changes her mind..Affrodable prices were I guess the following reason.

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