Final Scan

I hope you enjoyed the picture of this very pregnant guinea pig, because that is the best way I can describe my current mood. Today’s last and final scan (thank God!) began with the doctor checking out the follicle count and size. Again, I winced as she scanned my orange-sized ovaries to see our progress, and apparently, I have approximately 34 follices ranging from 12 – 19mm, so I am more than ready for the egg retrieval! In fact, I’m a bit nervous because in the US, we would usually stop the stimming after a follicle reached 16 – 18mm, but I am still going to be doing another round of injectibles tomorrow, followed by a Lupron trigger at 1130pm. Part of me is afraid of how much pain I will be come Tuesday morning, when the follicles could have possibly expanded by 2 – 6mm, but it’s all about taking it day by day. I’m scheduled to go in at 1030am for the egg retrieval, which involves going under general anesthesia for the procedure. Usually, I wake up and have a lot of pain and nausea, which in the US, they would give me some good meds for, so I have been busy trying to learn some Russian and plan to ask my case manager to make sure that I get some Zofran mixed in with whatever pain drugs they usually give thereafter. The doctor also prescribed some suppositories to reduce the inflammation, so hopefully that will give me some relief when I start on them tomorrow.

Usually when I hit the stage of few days before egg retrieval, I’m in a wonderful combo of abdominal pain, nausea, and unrelenting hot flashes, and so I’ve decided to impose upon myself some good old-fashioned bedrest until next Tuesday. When driving to the clinic, K and I sat in the third row of the van, and after a few minutes, I frantically asked K to have the driver turn on the air conditioning. I had to mentally zen myself out so that I wouldn’t throw up or bash out the side window, and decided that I would sit in the front seat of any vehicle that I rode in from this point on. Also, our hotel room is on the fourth floor, and the elevator (or “lift”, as the sign says) is broken, so we’ve had some built-in cardio for most of our time here. I honestly didn’t mind it very much until today, when I was huffing and puffing my way up the 76 stairs, and made the decision that this was going to be the last time I was going to be walking up these stairs until Tuesday, haha! Overall, though, I have to say that medically speaking, I feel like I haven’t responded to well and quickly on the injectibles in the US as I have here, so we are happy with our progress, and hope that we will have a lot of the follicles make it to day 5, so that we have a good number of embryos as a back-ups!

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  • amaluis

    Glad to see you’re responded well to meds. Recently I’ve come across the post on the board. A lady was blaming her body ”deffective” –her left ovary never responded to treatments. And I truly could not understand how this could happen actaully. So I’m pleased this is NOT your case and that you’ve worked out great (compared to those previos results you got in the US)..Also like the pic above lol.

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